The Dreamfields Project uses all the excitement around soccer in South Africa to leverage significant investment in soccer facilities and equipment for township and rural schools.

Much of our work involves distributing DreamBags — a full set of kit for 15 players including boots and shin pads, as well as balls, pumps, kit for the coach and whistles. Most of the DreamBags have been distributed in schools — schools are the main focus of our work. Many of the children involved in Dreamfields are putting on boots of their own and new kit for the very first time. DreamBags cost R7 500.


Dreamfields operates in partnership with the Department of Education (who sit on our board) and together we have staged a number of tournaments, DreamEvents. These are used to launch schools–based leagues in different communities. Most of our investment has been outside of metropolitan areas — in smaller provincial towns and in some tiny villages in the deep rural parts of South Africa.

In addition to the bags, we have begun a programme of building fields — simple community facilities, not stadiums. Some of the more modest facilities are fully funded; others involve partnerships which are still taking shape.

Our approach is to start with simple doable projects, and to build momentum that way. Since we have raised funds to cover our running costs — thanks to our founding partner BHP Billiton — we guarantee that every cent raised goes into the target communities.

Dreamers are recipients of our dreamware including DreamBags.