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The Philipp Lahm Foundation Project “Soul Soccer” (111)

Dreamfields is working together with the Philipp Lahm Foundation in the football project “Shongi Soccer”,  a daily football training programme on their sports ground built in 2007 between two townships near Johannesburg. The programme aims to give the young people of the area the chances that sport and life skills can bring.

The settlement with its poverty and misery offers few prospects for those who grow up there; families are destroyed by destitution and disease, children are often left to fend for themselves, and young people have nowhere to go. The sports ground gives them new opportunities, and we are getting through to them via their shared enthusiasm for football. By training coaches and furthering children’s football skills we are promoting sporting values such as team spirit, fair play, and respect for rules – and helping to open doors to new chances in life.

Shongi soccer is a community in Krugersdorp, Gauteng that is the beneficiary of a grant from the Philipp Lahm-Stiftung in Germany to build a soil-stabilised football field.