The Dreamfields Project works in partnership with the Department of Education and together we have staged schools tournaments, DreamEvents, all over South Africa where DreamBags are handed out to all the schools in a particular town or district. The tournaments are fantastic events — the joy of the children, and the deep satisfaction of the donors, mixing together in a day filled with football and positive feelings.

We've staged DreamEvents across the country, from Cape Town in the south to Venda in the north, from Malelane in the south-east to Gopane in the North West province. There have been 97 DreamEvents so far and we plan to have many more. Our goal is to create schools soccer leagues in the communities where we work.

At every DreamEvent, we buy services and goods from local entrepreneurs so that the DreamEvent puts something back into the host community. This helps to deepen commitment to the DreamLeagues that education officials will help to run.